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Significance Of Bashi Biye In Bengali Wedding

A usual Bengali matrimonial alliance is complete of numerous rituals and traditions. Right from the phrase move, we see the entire Bengali wedding ceremony as an affair that’s packed with all of the hues of life. While many customs are just like different Hindu weddings throughout India, there are a few which give distinctness to the wedding ceremony. There are many customs and rituals in a Bengali wedding ceremony that are precise and handiest to Bengali weddings. One such custom that we stumble upon is known as “Bashi Biye.” I have seen the ceremony at my relatives wedding at the marriage hall near me and at the banquet hall near me.

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The word Bashi Biye is shaped by the usage of words, namely, “Bashi” and “Biye”. The meaning of the phrase Bashi is Stale, and Biye stands for wedding ceremony. Hence, the time period bashi biye means “Stale wedding ceremony.” This is a completely unique ritual, or a type of 2nd spherical marriage that takes place among the married couple the morning after the marriage. Let’s throw mild in this ritual, and different put up wedding ceremony rituals, that we witness in a normal Bengali marriage ceremony:

Bashi Biye: After the seven holy steps that the couple takes together, their marriage is taken into consideration completely. However, the sindoor or vermillion isn’t carried out on the brand new aayo’s head at that point itself. After the seven holy steps, the couple has to stay wakeful the entire night. During this time period, the Bashor Ghor rite takes the region. The following morning, after sunrise, the newlywed couple returned to the mandap. Here, they provide prayers and salutation to the solar god, withinside the presence of the priest. After doing so, the groom applies Sindoor on the pinnacle of his new Bride, the usage of a gold ring or a gold coin. This rite, which takes place after the real wedding ceremony is known as bashi biye, or stale wedding ceremony.

How is the sindoor put in: In Bashi biye, the groom applies the sindoor for the primary time on the pinnacle of his Bride. He does this with the aid of using the usage of a gold coin or a gold ring. Immediately after making use of the sindoor, the groom throws the hoop or coin used at the back of him. Neither He or the bride’s appearance returned after that. This custom is discovered to beat back evil spirits.

Lajja vastra: Right after the sindoor is carried out, the pinnacle of the bride is right away protected with a bit of fabric, with the purpose of hiding the freshly carried out vermilion. This piece of fabric is known as Lajja Vastra. After protecting her head with a lajja vastra, the bride meets her mom for the primary time once you have married, earlier than bidding adieu to her gift home. It is stated that if a mom sees her daughter decked as a bride, or earlier than the bashi biye rite, it’s far taken into consideration inauspicious. Even after bashi biye, the mom can’t see the sindoor carried out on her daughter’s forehead.

Bidaai: Bashi biye is right away accompanied with the aid of using Bidaai. It is the maximum emotional moment, whilst the bride bids farewell to all her own circle of relatives, participants and friends, and leaves for her husband’s abode.

As odd as it could seem, Bashi Biye has an attraction of its own. It is the very last step toward solemnizing a Bengali wedding ceremony, and then the couple can formally be known as husband and wife.

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